Can I pay for toll violations and penalties through Ecotoll?

Ecotoll supports the payment of tolls incurred prior to enrolling your vehicle with Ecotoll only in select states.

  • California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas: Paying for older tolls prior to enrolling your vehicle in Ecotoll is currently available in the states of California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. You may use Ecotoll to pay for older tolls incurred up to 5 days prior to vehicle enrollment.
  • All other states: Ecotoll does not support the payment of toll violations and penalties incurred prior to enrolling your vehicle with Ecotoll. 

    If your vehicle has an existing violation with a toll agency. Please reach out to the responsible tolling agency or rental car company to settle any previous violations you may have associated with your vehicle. 

Note: Non-payment of tolls and penalties may result in your account being suspended or blocked. 

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