Can I use Ecotoll if I don’t have a toll tag?

Absolutely! No need for a toll agency account, tags, transponders, or paper bills to get started with Ecotoll.

Just download the app and sign-up for an account, register your vehicle and add your preferred payment options. You can also use the Ecotoll online web registration to sign-up for an account.

Once we have verified your vehicle information, you will see an 'Active' status next to your vehicle and you’ll be ready to drive. No need for a toll agency account, tags, transponders or paper bills.

The app does not need to be switched on when driving through a toll booth for Ecotoll to work. Please note that delay in posting of toll charges is common and you can learn more about it here.

Note: Please make sure vehicle status is "Active" to ensure that Ecotoll can cover toll road payments