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How does Ecotoll work?

Ecotoll allows users to pay for tolls without the need for a toll transponder/tag or having to pay tolls in the mail.  

Ecotoll is a pay-as-you-go toll payment solution that does not require maintaining a minimum account balance or the purchase or renting of a toll device. Ecotoll only charges you on the tolls you use + a 14.9% transaction fee.

Once you sign-up for an Ecotoll account and register a vehicle under your account, Ecotoll will charge tolls to your preferred payment method automatically. We partner with tolling agencies to charge your account based on license plate readings (toll-by-plate) as you pass through a toll booth.

Ecotoll offers users the ability to manage multiple vehicles from a single account and track the details of their toll payments.  

Already have a toll agency account? Ecotoll offers users the option to select the states or regions where they are not covered by their current toll agency account. Learn more here. 

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Note: You do not need to have your phone or app switched on when passing through a toll booth.