When will the toll charges be reflected in my account?

Expect billing to appear in your account in 3-7* days from the original trip.

We partner with different tolling agencies for toll rates and charges. Although we try our best to post your billing immediately, each agency has a different time for processing billing before we can reflect the charges in your account. 

Don't worry if there is a delay in posting tolling transactions, Ecotoll still has it covered and you will not be charged a late payment fee.

If it has been more than 7 days and the toll charge has still not appeared, please check here for possible reasons your charge is not showing or you can message us at support@ecotoll.io 

*Posting dates may be more than 7 days, depending on toll agency processing. 

Note: Paying for older tolls prior to enrolling your vehicle in Ecotoll is only available in the states of California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas and only covers tolls incurred up to 5 days prior to vehicle enrollment; and in the State of Washington for tolls incurred up to 3 days prior to vehicle enrollment.