Why are my charges not showing up? / Where are my toll charges?

There are a few possibilities why your charges are not showing up on your Ecotoll account:

  1. The toll charge is outside our coverage area. 
    Please make sure to check our coverage page to make sure that the toll road/bridge used is covered by our pay-as-you-go services. 
  2. There is a delay in posting tolling transactions from our partner tolling agency.
    We partner with different tolling agencies for toll rates and charges. Although we try our best to post your billing immediately, each agency has a different time for processing billing before we can reflect the charges in your account. Expect billing to appear in your account in 3-7 days from the original trip. Don't worry if there is a delay in posting tolling transactions, Ecotoll still has it covered and you will not be charged a late payment fee.
  3. The toll charge is an older toll that is not covered by our backdating feature. Paying for older tolls prior to enrolling your vehicle in Ecotoll is only available in select states. 
    Paying for older tolls prior to account activation is available in the states of California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas for tolls incurred up to 5 days prior to account/vehicle activation; and in the State of Washington for tolls incurred up to 3 days prior to account/vehicle activation.

    Note: Ecotoll is unable to assist in paying for tolls that you have already received in the mail. If you received a toll bill in the mail, follow the instructions provided in the letter to settle your toll charges immediately. 
  4. Make sure that the vehicle license plate and state registered with Ecotoll are correct and match the information of the vehicle.
    Ecotoll uses pay-by-plate to match your toll charges to the vehicle license plate and your Ecotoll account. If the information for the vehicle registered under your Ecotoll account is incorrect, we will not be able to charge your account with any tolls associated with the vehicle and you may receive a toll violation in the mail or be charged by the rental car company.

    Re-add the vehicle with the correct information to ensure that all future toll charges are covered by Ecotoll. 
  5. You may have used your toll tag or existing toll agency account to pay for your tolls. 
    If you have an existing account with a toll agency, your tolls will be charged to that account and will not be reflected or captured in your Ecotoll account. You are not able to pay for tolls already received in the mail with Ecotoll. 

    We recommend having only one toll account per region or coverage area.  Already have a toll tag/toll agency account? Ecotoll can still provide coverage in areas not covered by your existing toll tag. Learn more. 

    Note: Ecotoll does not have access to your existing toll agency account, therefore trips charged to your toll tag or toll agency account will not reflect or be shown in your Ecotoll account. Only transactions handled by Ecotoll will reflect in your Ecotoll account.
  6. Your rental car company has a device or has enrolled you in their toll payment option. 
    Some rental car companies will offer drivers the option to pay tolls through them for a service fee or daily device rental fee. This means you will be billed for tolls via the rental car company and not the Ecotoll app.

    Talk to your rental car company about how you intend to pay for tolls. 

    Note: Ecotoll only supports rental cars in the states of Washington, California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Still have questions? Message us at support@ecotoll.io