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Why Ecotoll?

Ecotoll takes care of all things tolling.

It's better for your drive. With Ecotoll along for the ride, you don't have to worry about toll payments or violations while on the road. Add multiple vehicles, rentals*, and motorcycles easily and conveniently to your Ecotoll account.

Ecotoll also provides the option of expanding your toll payment coverage to more states and regions across the US. 

*Available only in the states of  California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas

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Vehicles supported by Ecotoll

It's better for your wallet. Ecotoll offers users a pay-as-you-go toll payment solution. This means you only pay when you use a toll road/bridge.  Ecotoll has no upfront costs, no monthly subscriptions, and no minimum balance requirements. Change your payment method anytime with ease and track your tolling history in a single place.

We are more affordable than the traditional pay-by-mail and the device fees charged by rental car companies. For a small transaction fee, we allow you to pay for tolls all from your phone, no matter what car you're driving.  

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It's better for our environment. We've created a more convenient and responsible way to get you where you're going. To reduce the collective carbon footprint, we re-invest 5% of our revenue from transaction fees to projects and technologies that improve our planet. We’re also committed to paperless billing.

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